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Build partnerships with young people, families, and communities to improve their quality of life.

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Pima Partnership High School is a tuition-free charter school for grades 9-12, honored by the Education Equity Foundation as a top school for closing the achievement gap for at-risk students. Our career-focused learning plans help our students develop the skills they need to achieve success in high school and beyond.

PHONE: (520) 326-2528


Pima Partnership Academy is a tuition-free charter middle school and top-ranking STEM school, providing rigorous and individualized education for grades 6-8. Our school curriculum, positive culture, and student support services help students develop the skills they need for future academic and career success.

PHONE: (520) 326-2528


Arizona Collegiate High School is a tuition-free charter school for grades 9-12 in Phoenix. Our focus is helping our students develop their character through leadership and community service, while mastering academic skills necessary to excel in high school, college, and the competitive professional world.

PHONE: (623) 498-8200

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Pima Prevention Partnership Schools Recieve Top Grades
  • Pima Partnership High School "B"
  • Pima Partnership Performing Arts High School "A"


It is the responsibility of Pima Prevention Partnership Schools (Pima Partnership Academy, Pima Partnership High School and Arizona Collegiate High School) to inform the general public and all parents within our boundaries of our responsibility to make available special education services for students with disabilities aged three through 21 years and how to access those services.  In addition, we have a responsibility to provide information regarding early intervention services for children birth through two years.

We are responsible for identifying, locating, and evaluating all children with disabilities including children aged three through 21 and for referring children from birth through two years of age to Arizona Early Intervention Program (AzEIP) for evaluation and appropriate services.

We are also responsible for providing a free and appropriate public education (FAPE) which includes special education and related services to children with disabilities at public expense, under public supervision and direction and without charge to the parents.
For all new students to Pima Prevention Partnership Schools, a general education classroom teacher will complete screening activities within 45 days of enrollment.  The teacher will look at the child’s ability in the areas of academics, vision, hearing, adaptive, communication, social/emotional and motor skills.  If any concerns are noted the child may be referred for additional help.

For any student attending a Pima Prevention Partnership School OR attending a private school without our boundaries OR any student that is home schooled that may be suspected that may be suspected of having a disability, the procedure for referral is as follows:

  1.  A written request to the school.  This written request should contain the reason for the referral, areas or issues of concern, reason for suspecting disability, and any previous interventions that have been attempted to date.
  2. Contact information of the person referring.  This request should be sent to:

Pima Prevention Partnership Schools ATTN: Exceptional Education Director
25 E Drachman
Tucson, Arizona 85705
Fax: (520) 622-1186 ATTN: Exceptional Education Director
 Email: jcaverly@thepartnership.us

If you have concerns about a child you know, please contact our Exceptional Education Director for additional information.

AZFind Q&A Form – https://cms.azed.gov/home/GetDocumentFile?id=5613f80eaadec00414a49e56

Special Education Process – https://cms.azed.gov/home/GetDocumentFile?id=5618024caadebf0dd82f3ea3