Programs for Youth and Families

PPP provides practical solutions to address both individual and community problems. For more information about our prevention programs, please contact:


DeeAnn Arroyo
Director of Prevention Services
(520) 791-2711 Extension 1120


Our services for youths and families include:

Teen Substance Abuse and Pregnancy Prevention

PPP’s prevention programs are offered in public school classes and community workshop settings. They promote family strengthening, life skills, self-sufficiency, youth tobacco use prevention, teen pregnancy prevention, and targeted support for children of incarcerated parents and their caregivers. Our counseling and prevention programs won national awards in 2009 for helping youths move toward sobriety and for families to increase bonds and build relationships. Find out more>>>

Pima County Teen Court

Each year, PPP’s Pima County Teen Court offers alternative sentencing options for more than 450 juvenile arrestees, ages 11-17. This peer-led program has reduced repeat offenses by youths and provides volunteer and service-learning opportunities for more than 1,100 teens each year. Read more>>>

Substance Use and Mental Heath Disorder Counseling

Drawing from a host of evidence-based practices, PPP provides youths, ages 12-17, and their families with a variety of successful counseling programs for adolescents struggling with substance use, trauma, stress, and family conflict. Recent research on 11 other programs serving youths in the Southwest puts PPP out front when it comes to reducing youth drug use and crime. Find out more>>>

Academics/Public Education

Our four public charter schools are aimed at students ready to receive state-of-the art help with academics. Read more>>>


To find out more about what we can offer youths and families, please visit the following information pages: