Frequently Asked Questions

1. Are the Partnership Schools Accredited?

Yes, we have a Corporate Accreditation. As part of the Pima Prevention Partnership, all four of our schools are accredited.

2. What is the cost to enroll at Partnership Schools?

Our schools are tuition-free.

3. How do I enroll my student?

Click on the button below to print off an enrollment packet – or pick up the packet at the front office located at each school.

Enroll Here

4. When is the first day of school, last day of school, graduation, parent-teacher conferences, winter break, and spring break?

For the school academic calendar click on the button below


5. Do you provide transportation?

We do provide Sun Go city bus passes for qualifying students.

Link to Suntran Cards

6. Are the students required to wear a uniform?

If you attend Arizona Collegiate High School in Phoenix, there is a school uniform requirement. If you attend any one of the three Partnership schools in Tucson, there is no uniform requirement however, there is a dress code.

7. Do you offer summer school?

Yes, please visit our website for summer school enrollment information click here (put a quick link to the website)

ACHS Summer SchoolOpen to all high school students in PhoenixPPHS Summer SchoolOpen to all high school students in Tucson

8. Do you offer services to help students who have fallen behind or struggling in school?

Yes, as part of the Pima Prevention Partnership, we have onsite services available to assist students and families.

9. Do you have tutoring?

We offer free after-school tutoring.

10. Do you offer online school?

We are not an online school, however, as part of our credit recovery program, we do have an independent study program at Partnership High School.

11. What time does school begin and end?

Times vary depending on each school. Please visit your school's bell schedule on the sidebar on the school's page.

12. Do your schools provide breakfast and lunch?

Yes, we provide free breakfast and lunch.


14. What is your fax number?

Pima Partnership Academy fax number: 520-326-2527
Pima Partnership High School fax number: 520-622-1186
Arizona Collegiate High School fax number: 602-269-2970

15. Can I access my student’s attendance and grades?

Yes, please visit Family Link here...

Family Link

16. Do I need to make an appointment to come in and talk to someone about enrolling?

No, visit our front office during normal business hours and we will be happy to help you.

17. Do I have to live in a certain area to be able to enroll at your school?

No, our enrollment is open to any students.

18. Do you have night school?

We do not offer night school.

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